Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first blog!and a good occasion to blog.Anna Hazare's anti corruption agitation is picking up steam.The raging middle class is at the forefront of it, frustrated by government apathy and open loot of public resources.The time was ripe for a mass outcry after a number of scams and Anna proved to be a catalyst for it.The government after failed attempts to discredit the movement appears to be budging a bit but is in no way serious,neither is the BJP.The political class does not want to lose absolute power.Its draft of the lokpal bill is worthless trash.....permission to prosecute,retired judges and the like.The 'civil society' draft if far superior than the babus proposed bill.There is a real possibility that the movement may fizzle away with the government promising and then failing to keep it or ending like so many candle marches.But at the very least we would have a middle class that is more aware of its rights and a force to reckon with in the elections.the next step is to form a pressure group that votes for specific issues and policies..the way it happens in real democracies.This would be a change away from the politicians constituencies of poor voters who are manipulated at election time.In short will this agitation by Anna signal a change to peoples participation in our democracy and end apathy.we have something between a democracy and autocracy - a party claiming socialist ideals is elected and then graps and manipulates power.Like a democratically elected Hosni Mubarak!Is it India's tahrir square?as the flood of countless twitter messages and posts suggest that the mood is shifting.At least the gradual process is beginning after 60 years.In the coming days personalities like Ramdev baba and sri sri ravishankar will join Anna.What direction this revolution takes remain to be seen.

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  1. I just hope that something good comes out of this whole affair. Otherwise, the government will once again offer an olive branch but the bill will be pushed under the carpet.